Pelargoniums in American history

gefferson peli

Early colonists from Britain brought pelargoniums with them to the United States which were used to flavour cakes, syrups and potpourri.
A popular pelargonium at the time was the “true rose” which was a hybrid of P. graveolens.
Thomas Jefferson minister of France and third President of the United States of America sent pelargonium seeds to the botanist John Bartram in 1760 who grew them in his botanical gardens in
Philadelphia, known as Bartram’s gardens now the oldest botanical gardens in North America- more info at
Thomas Jefferson himself was said to have grown them in the presidential house from 1801-1809.
After this time pelargoniums became increasingly popular in the United States.
Thomas Jefferson was one of the earliest responsible for creating the declaration of independence after the rejection of the British monarchy/aristocracy & the American revolution.

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