Pelargonium nephrophyllum

Pelargonium nephrophyllum is a rare and newly found species discovered in areas of Southern Namaqualand, South Africa. It was given the name nephrophyllum by Elizabeth M Marais in 1992 (the department of Botany, University of Stellenbosch). This plant has a tuber which resembles a turnip in shape with a flaky texture, the flowers are pale-dark pink with red markings on the upper petals and the leaves are kidney shaped with rounded edges.

p. nephrophyllum rare

2 thoughts on “Pelargonium nephrophyllum

    1. Thank you for you message, This particular illustration was done in vector from a sketch that I made, you can use this image if it is for personal use, please let me know if you wish to use it commercially ,
      some of the other illustrations are scans of old books mostly from the 1700s,1800s and 1900s which are available to download at , they also have old illustrations of birds,mammals,shells and plants etc

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