Pelargonium leaf types

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The amazing thing about Pelargoniums is not only the aromatic leaf fragrances & the elegant flowers but also the wide variety of leaf shapes, Many pelargonium species especially the more scented varieties have leaves that resemble other plants and can look similar to the leaves of an oak, grape vine, fern,birch, currant leaves, gooseberry, maple & ivy.

Some leaf types are more rounded in shape such as the P. odoratissmum (apple scented) and the P. grossularioides (gooseberry leaved fruit scented), where as the P. cucullatum (birch leaved), P. citronellum (lemon scented) & the P. vitifolium have more irregular rounded to triangular leaves.

P. radens (rose/lemon scented), P. quericifolium (balsam oak leaf) and P. denticulatum (balsam scented) have finely divided leaves,

P. elongatum, P. mollicomum (pineapple scented) , P. peltatum & P. Zonale all have zoned leaves

P. betulium – birch leaf

P. fruticosum- fern leaf

P. grossularioides- gooseberry

P. hirtum- feathery leaves

P. hispidum- maple

P. otaviense – paw like

P. panduriforme – fiddle shaped

P. peltatum – ivy leaf

P. quercifolium – oak

P. ribifolium- currant leaf

P. vitifolium – vine leaf

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