Pelargonium peltatum

P. peltatum is a climbing or trailing slightly succulent pelargonium with leaves that resemble an ivy leaf which are rounded and fleshy, it has many medicinal properties such as the sap can be taken for a sore throat and the leaves when grinded into a paste can be applied to scratches, light burns and wounds as an antiseptic.

This plant is said to be the original ancestor where all the peltatum hybrids originated from, Willem Adriann van stel was governor of the Cape colony from 1699 to 1707 which was created by the Dutch East India company for their ships to arrive before their long journey to the East and to supply them with food and water. Willem Adriann Van Stel sent plants & seeds to Williem Comelin a botanist in the Netherlands, one of those plants was Pelargonium peltatum.

Jan Comelin got together with burgomaster Johan Huydeoper Van Maarsseveen the master of the town and decided to build a botanical garden known as Hortus Medicus (later known as Hortus Botanicus), now one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world which contains more than six thousand tropical and indigenous plants & trees. Herbs which were transported and grown in the botanical gardens were sold to hospitals and apothecaries. Comelin also published many works including “Hortus Malabaricus of Reede’, ‘Nederlandse flora in 1683 and ” Hori Medici Amstelodamensis Rariorum’ 1697 which included plants from the East and West Indies.

peltatum flower pink

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