Pelargonium quarciticola

Pelargonium quarciticola is a new species discovered in the year 2000 by Ulrich Meve & Elizabeth M Marais. It has white, cream to light pink flowers and darker pink veins on the obovate upper and lower petals with yellow pollen and somewhat sticky semi succulent feathery leaves which become reddish brown in the Sun. This plant is native to the quartz fields of Knersvlakte in the Western Cape of South Africa usually in the North where it grows in quartz gravel. The caudex is turnip shaped and can grow up to 2 cms and the whole plant can grow to 5 to 10 cm in height when flowering. P. quarciticola is part of the Hoarea (Sweet) section, although the leaves of this particular plant do differ from others in this section.

pelargonium quarciticola

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