Rembert dodoens- pelargonium dodonaei

Pelargonium dodonaei  was named in the honour of Rembert dodoens known as the father of botany 1517-1585 as well as other plants including Epilobium dodonaei, comocladia dodonaea, phellandrium dodonaei, smyrnium dodonaei and hypericum dodonaei who wrote several works on botany and herbalism.


Rembert changed the way early botanists thought about plants and also how they were listed, he divided the plant kingdoms into six individual groups based on their characteristics and similarities between plant species and wrote details about how they were used as medicinal herbs and as medicines.


Dodonaei was born in a town in the middle of Antwerp and Brussels known as Mechelen where his father Denis Van Joenickema was Margaret of Austria governor of the Netherland’s personal physician.

Rembert changed his name from Rembert Van Joenckema to Rembert Dodoens meaning “son of Dodo” after his fathers name, he studied at the university of Leuvan specializing in medicine, cosmography and geography from 13 years old.


He married Kathelijne De Bruyn who also had a connection with medicine and had four children together.

After turning down the offer of chairman in the Leuven and as a court physician for King Philip 2nd of Spain, Rembert instead became the court physician to the holy Roman emperor Maximilian 2nd in Vienna and later a professor of medicine at the university of Leiden.

In the honour of the life and work of Dodoens a statue was presented at the Kruidentuin botanical gardens in mechelen.




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