Destination- Dr Yat Sen Classical Chinese garden

Photo by Paul

The Dr Yat Sen classical Chinese garden was constructed in 1985 in Vancouver, Canada in the China town district in order to create an interpretation and insight into the Chinese and western way of life & is said to be the first Chinese garden overseas.
It has frequent tours, concerts, festivals, tai chi classes and also a museum, The layout of the gardens was designed by Joe Waihitect an architect and activist who came to Canada during the late 1980’s and Donald Vaughan an American landscape architect, the central areas of the gardens were created by Wangzu-Win along with an architect company from Suzhou China.

The garden design is based on the Ming Dynasty garden of the city of Suzhon a period from 1368-1644 also with some features of Taoism and Feng Shui emphasizing the seasons Spring & Autumn, the balance of natural elements, yin & yang (masculine & feminine), while adding more colour to the surroundings. The Winters in Vancouver are very much like that of the West of Shanghai, so the Oriental plants could be grown in the Gardens especially in Spring when they come into bloom. Mythical animals and other creatures are also placed around the gardens.The grounds have a continuous display of delightful hidden scenic views which are revealed to you as you walk around the winding paths, there is also zigzag pathway to reduce your walking speed so you can calmly admire your surroundings in more detail.
The Dr Sen classical garden consists of lime stone rocks- which were brought over from Lake Tai Hui in Shangai, China which are said to be one of the biggest freshwater lakes.
A pond- which has a beautiful clear reflection of the surrounding scenery within the waters because of the opaque clay liner which givens the impression of calmness and peace.

There is also a moon gate followed by courtyards, pavilions and bridges included in the gardens as well as decorative floor tiles of various flora and fauna. Plants are not an important feature in the overall layout of the garden but are planted in a simple way to add balance and bamboo, ginkgo, pine, maple and plum are featured in the gardens.
There is also a collection of Penjing plants which is an ancient art of miniature landscapes filled with trees, rocks and small statues.

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