P. aridum

This young plant of P. aridum is growing well, it is native to a large area of the Eastern Cape Province and when mature it grows in tufts that have short stems and persistent petioles containing long hairs.
The rounded disk shaped leaves are divided into linear segments that curve inwards at the edges, the flowers are white to light yellow which are similar to that of P. barklyi.

Pelargonium pinnatum

Pelargonium pinnatum is native to the South West Cape, South Africa and was given the name “pinnatum” because of its pinnate oblong leaves which are blue green in colour. This plant has a fairly large tuber that can grow to 3 cm in width and the flowers can vary in colour from white, cream, yellow, salmon, pink and purple, although pink is more common, each flowering stalk contains about 15 flowers.

Grows in Winter, image from artscult.com

flowers-01689 pinnatum