Pelargonium Ovale/tricolour


P. ovale pictured below has attractive white to deep pink flowers and is a low growing pelargonium with grey green narrow oval shaped leaves, it was brought to Europe in the 1700s by Francis Masson who collected many new plant species on his travels to Africa
Another close species is P. tricolor which is quite similar to P. ovale but smaller in size and with bright coloured flowers, deep red upper petals with a black spot at the base and white lower petals, the leaves are also grey green narrow oval shaped but a lot smaller in size. It has larger flowers when it is planted in the shade and smaller in bright sun light and was collected by Masson in 1791.
At the Royal Botanic gardens of Kew a few new hybrids were being created and a cultivator by the name of pelargonium Splendide was recorded as a cross between P. ovale & P. tricolor which is still quite popular today as a garden plant, the beautiful bicoloured flowers in two different shades, like the tricolor but much larger, dark red upper petals with a dark spot in the center and white lower petals.


Mediterranean village


In mediterranean villages the use of Pelargoniums are very popular ( although not always the species kind) and are frequently found growing over balconies and in large pots, it shows how you can make your garden more attractive by adding colour and beauty to the surroundings. These pictures were taken in the villages of Spili & Mourne in Crete, Greece which have many of these colourful plants outside the churches, cafes and restaurants.

Pelargonium triste


Pelargonium triste now has new growth after being dormant through most of the Summer.
P. triste is a Summer deciduous tuberous plant with light green carrot like leaves and  has yellow flowers which only open at night.
This plant was the first recorded pelargonium to be taken Europe, to the botanical gardens of Leiden by the VOC and could withstand long voyages by ship.

Seed catalog

I am now working on a pelargonium species world catalog which will contain information & pictures about different pelargonium species that are available to buy from the website and also which types grow best in hanging baskets,pots,window boxes or planted in the garden.
When completed you will be able to view it on the website and also as a free download so you can look though it when you would like.

I am also still working on the scented pelargonium species book and I have now written up to 40 pages, I still have two chapters to complete and the book should be available at the end of the year.
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Pelargonium pelatum

succulent flower

Pelargonium pelatum has beautiful pale pink slightly crinkled flowers with fleshy ivy shaped leaves,
This plant grows well in hanging baskets or on a pot on a table outside in summer.
These plants are now flowering well here in Crete and like to grow in sunny areas.

Pelargonium acraeum

p. acraeum seedling2

Pelargonium acraeum is growing well after germinating in the Autumn, it is still quite small and another new leaf is developing.
P. acraeum when fully grown has kidney shaped leaves & pretty white to pale pink flowers with darker markings which flowers over a long period of the year,
We also have many new seedlings that have germinated this spring.

pelargonium graveolens

Pelargonium graveolens meaning strong smelling in Latin was grown from seed last year and is now flowering, it has strong minty rose triangular deeply incised scented leaves and pale pink flowers. The scented leaves are used in food and beverages and is native to the Limpopo province and in parts of the Western Cape. graveolens 2 web

pelargonium panduriforme

Pelargonium panduriforme (fiddle leaf pelargonium) has now started to flower, it is an upright shrub that grows to about 200 cm in height with strong tropical fruit/spicy balsam scented leaves and large pink flowers, Native to the Eastern Cape.

pelargoniums in Spring

As we are coming into Spring a few of the Pelargoniums are now starting to flower especially the P. quercifolium, P.quercifolium, and p.odoratissimum followed by many others which will soon start to bloom. Here in Crete we have had lovely weather this year encouraging the plants to flower earlier.

pelargonium salmoneum

pelargonium salmoneum has brightly coloured salmon pink flowers which are now flowering well in the garden, it grows to about 5ft 1.5m and has semi succulent stems, the thick green leaves fold upwards.
It originates from the Eastern Cape province.
p salmoneum small watermarked