Erodium pelargoniflorum & Geranium maderense

The young plants of Erodium pelargoniflorum and Geranium maderense are growing well. They are of the geraniaceae family which includes pelargonium,

Erodium pelargoniflorum also known as herons bill and “sweet heart” has the foliage of an Erodium and the flowers more like a pelargonium, the petals are white with pink -purple blotches in the centre and prefers full sun to part shade in well drained soil. Geranium maderense¬† (cranesbill) is native to the Island of Madeira and attracts butterflies and other insects, also known as the giant herb Robert, it has dark green leaves and large purplish pink flowers that grows up to 150 cm (5 inches) in well drained chalky, clay, loam, sandy soil types.

Erodium pelargoniflorum

Erodium pelargoniuniflorum also known as sweet heart or heron’s bill has attractive pale pink flowers that are similar to a pelargonium because of the darker markings on the upper petals which many pelargoniums possess, it was given the name pelargoniflorum because of the pelargonium like flowers.

This plant is native to Turkey and can grows up to 30 cms in height with petiolate leaves. There are about 182 species of erodium which are included in the Geraniaceae family.

erodium pelargoniflorum fotolia