Pelargonium trichome

magnification pelargonium glandular hairs

The scented fragrance that range from rose,mint,balsam, lemon,pineapple and other aromas obtained on the leaves of many species & hybrid pelargoniums are created inside the trichome, these are tiny fine hairs that cover the surface of the leaf and grow from cells on the epidermis. Trichome (meaning hair in Greek) is produced in order to protect itself against plant eating insects, the scented fragrance is created in a glandular ball at the end of each fine hair which helps to prevent insects from damaging or feeding off the leaves. Only glandular hairs produce a scent and the trichome’s on the leaves of the pelargonium species can vary in size and shape some are spherical, bulb or are diamond shaped at the tip.

Rose essential oils can be produced from the leaves of P. capitatum, P. radens and P. graveolens which are mostly used in perfume, skin care and also aromatherapy, it is also good for relaxing the muscles