Pelargonium patulum

Pelargonium patulum has attractive leaves and flowers and was introduced to Europe during the late 1700s, This plant is native to the South Western areas of Cape Province similar to P. grandiflorum and P. tabulare.

It is particularly good for hanging baskets because it is a trailing plant with lovely flowers which are light pink with red markings,the flower stalk contains 3-4 flowers.

The leaves are rounded greyish green with five or more lobes.

pelargonium patulum

Hanging baskets

peli hanging basket

Many Pelargonium species can look beautiful in a hanging basket especially the slightly trailing types such as the Pelargonium peltatum shown in the picture. Smaller pelargoniums can also be planted together in one basket to add colour to the garden and the scented varieties release lovely fragrances.
Pelargoniums ideal for hanging baskets include: P. capitatum (rose), P. grossularioides (fruit), P. mollicomum (pineapple), P. crispum (lemon), P. peltatum, P. tomentosum (mint), P. exsitipulatum among others.