Pelargonium tomentosum- mint scented

Pelargonium tomentosum is now flowering for the first time, it is a lovely plant with velvety heart shaped leaves which are peppermint scented and are covered with soft glandular hairs that can be used in cooking to line the base of a chocolate cake tin & also for essential oil.

The flowers are small with white petals and purple markings, it is native to mountainous habitats in moist areas close to streams & forests in the South Western Cape which has year round rainfall and light frost.

tomentosum 2pelargonium tomentosum 3pelargonium tomentosum

Pelargonium saxifragoides

Pelargonium saxifragoides is a petite & charming low growing shrub with tiny fleshy ivy shaped leaves, it was given the name Saxifragoides because of the similarity to Saxifrage meaning stone breaker in Latin which is the largest genus of the Saxifragaceae family and are low growing plants that grow in rock crevices in its native habitat and is also grown in cultivation for its brightly coloured flowers.
The flowers of the Pelargonium saxifragoides are star shaped and pink-white in colour with darker purple markings on the upper petals, the early history of this plant in Europe is unknown but was grown at Chiswick gardens by the Royal horticultural society during the 1800s.

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scented leaves in cooking

Tea pot with cup
pelargonium tea

Scented pelargonium leaves can be used in cooking, baking, beverages,flavouring and also in icecream,meringues,liqueur, jellies and more.
Rubbing the leaves brings out the scented fragrance before it is used for your ingredients.
The flowers and leaves are edible and can be placed on top of
cakes & desserts,
Mint,Lemon & Rose scented leaves are the most popular in food flavouring but there are many more aromas to choose from.
Chopped leaves can be added to cakes,custard,milk pudding, sweet sauces and sorbet for flavouring.
They can also be used to add flavour to tea/iced tea or homemade lemonade or smoothes.