Pelargonium oreophilum

P. oreophilum is a succulent pelargonium with think stems, it has large pink flowers and darker pink markings on both upper and lower petals, The leaves are oval in outline and feathery in appearance.

The name oreophilum originates from Greek meaning “loving mountain” because it grows in mountainous areas of the South Western Cape province.

p. oreophilum

pelargonium curviandrum

P. curviandrum is another rare pelargonium, it is a geophyte ( remains dormant in Summer) with a woody tuber that is long or circular in form. The leaves are positioned low down and are large & oval in shape with an upright flower stem which contains white or cream flowers with purple markings on the upper petals, this plant is native to areas of the Little Karoo in the Southern Cape  mainly in mountains.

p. curviandrum

pelargonium columbinum

pelargonium columbinum is a sprawling low growing plant with thin light green deeply divided leaves. The small flowers are light purple to dark purple in colour with orange stamens. The name columbinum derives from the Latin word columbus meaning dove, it was once known as dove’s foot crane bill but it is not certain why. It originates from mountainous areas or low foothills in moist conditions.columbino peli