Pelargonium aridum

Pelargonium aridum is now coming up to flower, it has lovely finely divided leaves and light yellow flowers which is native to a fairly large area of the Eastern Cape province. This plant is semi succulent and has a tuberous root, I will add more pictures of the opened flower in a few days time.

aridan flower pic facebookaridan flower pic facebook 2

P. aridum

This young plant of P. aridum is growing well, it is native to a large area of the Eastern Cape Province and when mature it grows in tufts that have short stems and persistent petioles containing long hairs.
The rounded disk shaped leaves are divided into linear segments that curve inwards at the edges, the flowers are white to light yellow which are similar to that of P. barklyi.

Ant lion

Pelargonium viscossisimum at the moment has an Ant lion resting on its leaf stalks, it is a relative of the lacewing and is nocturnal which eats ants and other insects.

A new seedling of aridum started to come up about a week or two ago, it is a small tufted plant with finely divided leaves and creamy white or yellow flowers. Native to arid areas of the Succulent Karoo

Also the young plant of P. tongaense is also growing well, and when mature has red flowers that attracts butterflies.