New plants

We now have new plants of P. grandiflorum and P. papilionaceum among others, they are still quite small but should grow well throughout the year, These plants both have large beautiful flowers and foliage, P. papilionaceum has flowers that resembles a butterfly with larger upper petals and darker markings & P. grandiflorum also has fairly large flowers of white to pink with darker markings on the upper petals.

butterfly peli plantgrandiflorum plant


Butterfly pelargonium


Pelargonium papilionaceum meaning butterfly because of its large beautiful & elegant pink flowers that resemble a butterfly in appearance with purple markings in the center.
It grows to about 2 meters with heart shaped shallow lobed leaves that are scented but can have a strong and unpleasant fragrance, although the lovely flowers makes up for this, Each flowering stork contains 5-10 flowers. P. papilionaceum has been grown in cultivation since the 1700s and the leaves are also used as a substitute for tobacco. It is native to areas on the edge of forests in the South Western and Southern Cape.

Pelargonium papilionaceum

The young plant Pelargonium papilionaceum is growing well and when mature it has beautiful flowers with large upper petals that resemble that of a butterfly and ranges in colour from light to dark pink.

The leaves are scented but often have an unpleasant smell which is used as a tobacco substitute, But makes a lovely garden plant because of it elegant flowers.