Pelargonium acraeum

Pelargonium acraeum is now flowering, this plant prefers less sun and likes shade part of the day.p.acraeum flower small


Pelargonium incarnatum

P. incarnatum is an unusual and attractive plant that has more of the appearance of a Geranium or Erodum because of its symmetric petals but it is in fact classified as a pelargonium, It is a bit of a mystery as it is the only Erodum type to be found South of the Equator and it is believed to be a hybrid between Erodum incarnatum and Pelargonium patulium.

The flowers are light pink with darker red in the centre and zoned circles of white and dark pink, it is a spreading plant which grows to 20 cm in height. The leaves are 3 lobed and irregular toothed, this plant is native to mountainous areas of the Western Cape usually among rocky sand stones.

p. incarnatum

Butterfly pelargonium


Pelargonium papilionaceum meaning butterfly because of its large beautiful & elegant pink flowers that resemble a butterfly in appearance with purple markings in the center.
It grows to about 2 meters with heart shaped shallow lobed leaves that are scented but can have a strong and unpleasant fragrance, although the lovely flowers makes up for this, Each flowering stork contains 5-10 flowers. P. papilionaceum has been grown in cultivation since the 1700s and the leaves are also used as a substitute for tobacco. It is native to areas on the edge of forests in the South Western and Southern Cape.