Pelargonium asperum

Pelargonium asperum has just started to flower for the first time, it has lovely pink flowers with reddish stamens and is just starting to open, the leaves have a strong perfumery scent.


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Pelargonium greytonense

Pelargonium greytonense is now flowering well with its attractive pale pink petals which forms flower clusters on short flowering stalks containing up to nine flowers. The small aromatic leaves are mid-darkish green and resembles an open palm in shape.

This plant is a slightly woody shrub that can grow to about 100 cm- 40 inches in height which is native to a small area of the South Western Cape usually on hillsides or narrow gorges with coastal summer rainfall, winter rainfall and some areas of frost.

The name “greytonense” refers to the name of the village where it was first discovered.

pelargonium peltatum

Pelargonium peltatum is a beautiful climbing pelargonium with flowers that can vary slightly in colour & shape, the pale pink form has large upper petals with dark veins and 3 lower petals, while the other form has a more reddish purple pink with dark markings, these petals are thinner and are more elongated. These are both lovely P. peltatum forms that look great in hanging baskets & trailing through trees, they also flower more when placed in the sun, The leaves have a slight succulent appearance that are rounded & fleshy with a dark zone. Both of these are now flowering so seeds should be available soon.