Caring for your pelargoniums in winter


 Some pelargoniums can survive short periods of frost or snow but in cooler countries with continual cold weather they can be kept in a greenhouse or conservatory that has good air circulation & lighting. If you are keeping your pelargoniums outdoors it is advisable to cover them with a dome or a fleece when there are signs of frost or snow and to check the weather forecast frequently for signs of cold weather. If your pelargoniums are planted outside in the garden replanting them into pots and taking them indoors or into a greenhouse/conservatory over winter is another alternative.

After the winter months and the coming of Spring with warmer sunny days you can think about gradually reintroducing your plants again into the outdoors during daylight hours,the removal of old leaves, flower stalks and dead branches that have built up over winter with help your plant to develop new growth towards summer which may need to be pruned to create a more compact and bushy appearance over the new year.


Mediterranean village


In mediterranean villages the use of Pelargoniums are very popular ( although not always the species kind) and are frequently found growing over balconies and in large pots, it shows how you can make your garden more attractive by adding colour and beauty to the surroundings. These pictures were taken in the villages of Spili & Mourne in Crete, Greece which have many of these colourful plants outside the churches, cafes and restaurants.

Urban gardening

Splendido balcone fiorito

If you love plants and live in the city or large town but have a limited amount of space then urban gardening is for you,
even a tiny paved area, balcony,wall,courtyard or pathway can contain many beautiful plants in a number of creative ways.
In cities around the world everyday household objects like large soup cans, plastic bottles,crates and even old guttering has been used as a cheap aturnative to grow a large number of plants which can look stylish too. Ceramic pots on raised frames give height and add more room for pots on the wall behind and also on the ground below which will fill a small area easily with colourful flowering plants.
Another type of urban gardening which is becoming more popular is vertical gardening, this is when plants are grown downwards on a wall usually by attaching a frame that contains a special water retaining fabric in which many plants can be added, grow well and looks amazing,
This idea was invented by patrick Blanc a Spanish botanist who has created many amazing projects around the world, for more info