Hand painted silk scarves

An elegant & beautiful soft and delicate Chinese pangolin neck scarf made from 100% ponge silk, containing two critically endangered Pangolins, one with a baby on its back,also with plants and bamboo.

Chinese pangolin are listed on the IUCN red list mainly due to hunting for their meat and are a delicacy in Africa & Asia or due to deforestation , The Chinese pangolin are similar to an anteater and have greyish scales, they are native to China, Japan, India, Bangladesh & Nepal and live underground in forests, they are nocturnal and use there long claws to look for ants and termites.

The scarf would make a lovely present for a Birthday, Anniversary etc

The back ground colour of the scarf is blue with green, brown, grey colours and a black outline. Available at etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/703928914/endangered-species-pangolin-ponge-silk

chinese pangolin neck scarf filter

An elegant & beautiful soft and delicate endangered ocean sea life themed scarf made from 100% ponge silk, containing critically endangered sea life animals including a loggerhead turtle, manatee, coral, hector’s dolphin and a whale shark on a blue and green background with salt effect.

These sea animals are listed on the IUCN red list mainly due to pollution, habitat loss and over fishing. available at etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/717787101/endangered-species-ocean-sea-life-neck

ocean sealife neck scarf filter

Pelargonium Silk scarves

Beautiful Hand painted silk scarves are now available made from 100% ponge silk containing various pelargonium species including P. tongaense, P. longicaule and P. quinquelobatum, more info via this link http://www.pelargoniumspeciesworld.com/page15.html

I am now working on more scarf designs and also handkerchiefs and ties

pelargonium scarf 3pelargonium scarf 2