The Beautiful flowers of the pelargonium echinatum

Pelargonium echinatum

Pelargonium echinatum has an exquisitely beautiful inflorescence of 3-8 large white flowers with bright red markings on the upper petals, arranged in an umbel shape which is winter flowering, also ranging in colour from pink to dark purple. The leaves are heart-shaped with greyish green leaves which have scalloped margins, in Summer this plant loses its leaves and absorbs the sunlight through its stems. It is a succulent low growing shrub native to the Northern Cape and Western Cape where it grows on a stony and rocky areas on cliffs or slopes.
The name ‘echinatum’ is derived from the Latin meaning covered in sharp-pointed stipules, a small leaflike appendage usually at the base of the petiole stalk. Ideal for pots but prefers hot dry conditions in Summer and requires little watering during that period. In its natural habitat, it can withstand temperatures up to 40 c and can live up to 20 years.

Pelargonium campestre

p. campestre small web

Pelargonium Campestre has lovely white flowers with faint lines on the upper petals. It is a small tuberous pelargonium which grows up to 10 cm in height, the name “Campestre” is derived from the Latin word meaning country/rural referring to the native habitat where this plant grows. This plant is native to South Africa in the South East where it grows in meadows, near rivers or by the coast and it prefers well drained soil conditions in part shade to full sun.