Happy Easter

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We wish all our customers and followers a happy Easter. Or to celebrate the arrival of spring with the growth of plants, flowers and the spouting of new seedlings.
Greek Orthodox Easter is from April 22nd to the 25th
The postal service will remain closed during this time and all orders will be kept back until they can be dispatched.


Re-potting & Planting

This week we have been planting and re-potting Pelargoniums, giving them fresh soil and organic fertiliser to encourage growth as they are coming up to flower.
A few have just began to bloom such as the P. denticulatum which has balsam scented triangular finely divided leaves and pinkish purple flowers, this plant is a bushy like shrub which grows fairly large when planted in the garden usually under tall trees.

Pelargonium denticulatum first flower this year

Unfortunately one of P. denticulatum plants which we have had for several years has died after the harsh snowy weather, but luckily it has naturally produced new ones next to it which are growing well, we also have a few in pots which have been re-potted.

The young plant Pelargonium grandiflorum has also just been re-potted and is growing well, it has not flowered yet, but when mature it has beautiful large creamy white flowers which can also vary in colour from purple to pink with dark markings.

Pelargonium grandiflorum right

Another is Pelargonium cucullatum, this form is believed to have baby pink flowers which was grown from seed from South Africa and has just been planted under a very old olive tree.

P. cucullatum

Other pelargoniums include

Pelargonium mollicomum- pineapple scented leaf grown in a pot

P. grossularioides- strong fruit scented leaves

Pelargonium australe

If more info about Pelargoniums on the website www.pelargoniumspeciesworld.com