pelargonium abrotanifolium

The young plant of P. abrotanifolium is now flowering, it is a slightly straggly pelargonium with pleasant pungent scented deeply divided feathery greyish green leaves. The flowers are white with purple markings on the upper petals and is native to a fairly large area of the Western Cape towards the Eastern Cape in dry rocky places.

Pelargonium Silk scarves

Beautiful Hand painted silk scarves are now available made from 100% ponge silk containing various pelargonium species including P. tongaense, P. longicaule and P. quinquelobatum, more info via this link

I am now working on more scarf designs and also handkerchiefs and ties

pelargonium scarf 3pelargonium scarf 2

Pelargonium aridum

Pelargonium aridum is now coming up to flower, it has lovely finely divided leaves and light yellow flowers which is native to a fairly large area of the Eastern Cape province. This plant is semi succulent and has a tuberous root, I will add more pictures of the opened flower in a few days time.

aridan flower pic facebookaridan flower pic facebook 2

Hand painted silk scarves

ground dove scarf 3

An elegant & beautiful soft and delicate tropical forest themed scarf made from 100% ponge silk, containing a pair of critically endangered Polynesian ground doves (male and female) on one side and an endangered tuamotu sand piper on the other side, also with plants and flowers, banana plant, hibiscus etc.

These birds are listed on the IUCN red list mainly due to habitat loss and newly introduced predators, The Polynesian ground doves are native to Tuamotus, French Polynesia and live in tropical forests underneath trees, shrubs and coconut palms, only about 100-120 exist in the wild.
The Tuamotu Sandpiper is native to Tuamotu Island, French Polynesia and lives in coastal areas and thickets, only 250-1000 birds exist in the wild.

I am also creating some hand painted pelargonium scarves soon.