pelargonium curviandrum

P. curviandrum is another rare pelargonium, it is a geophyte ( remains dormant in Summer) with a woody tuber that is long or circular in form. The leaves are positioned low down and are large & oval in shape with an upright flower stem which contains white or cream flowers with purple markings on the upper petals, this plant is native to areas of the Little Karoo in the Southern Cape  mainly in mountains.

p. curviandrum

Pelargonium caledonicum

pelargonium caledonicum rare

P. caledonicum is a rare and critically endangered pelargonium because of the increase of wheat farming since the 1930s in the Overberg area of the Western Cape where this plant grows.

It was given the name Caledonicum because it was first discovered near to the town of Caledon in the Overberg area, the flowers are white to light pink marked with purple and has finely divided leaves.

Pelargonium Lobatum

Pelargonium lobatum is growing well and when mature it has a large tuber with a rough texture resembling bark, the leaves are usually 3 lobed and are soft greyish green with dark purple flowers which are scented at night. It was introduced to Holland in the late 1600s and the name Lobatum refers to the leaf shape which contains 3+ lobes.

pelargonium lobatum