pelargonium aestivale

Pelargonium aestivale is an elegant geophytic species native to South Africa in areas of the great Karoo where it grows in hot desert like conditions, It has large yellowish cream coloured flowers with red markings on the upper petals attached to a long flower stem that grows from the tuber, p. aestivale is a tuberous plant in which the tuber can grow up to 4cms across and the leaves are wavy in appearance and are positioned low down on the plant.

pelargonium Aestinvale

Pelargonium Schizopetalium

peli schizopetalum old pic

This unusual & beautiful plant has deeply cut fringed flowers in red & yellow colours. The name “ Schizo” is connected to the word Schizophrenia (split personality), Schizo meaning split referring to the split fringed petals. It is a tuberous plant with scales and short stems, the leaves are oblong and feathery which is covered in short soft hairs, Pelargonium schizophrenia are native to areas of the Eastern Cape province, with some slightly different in appearance depending on the location.
This image is taken from an old antique book published before 1923, at

New seedlings

succulent seedlingslobatum peli seedling

Two new seedlings have now germinated – Pelargonium crithmifolium & pelargonium quinquelobatum.
P. crithmifolium when mature has thick succulent stems grey green in colour with fleshy leaves, the elegant flowers are white with pinkish purple markings on the upper petals, The name crithmifolium refers to the leaves that are like a rock samphire in appearance known as crithmum maritimum.
P. quinquelobatum when mature has beautiful yellow/green to green/ blue flowers, it is a perennial with grey green triangular leaves with a touch of red.

pelargonium columbinum

pelargonium columbinum is a sprawling low growing plant with thin light green deeply divided leaves. The small flowers are light purple to dark purple in colour with orange stamens. The name columbinum derives from the Latin word columbus meaning dove, it was once known as dove’s foot crane bill but it is not certain why. It originates from mountainous areas or low foothills in moist conditions.columbino peli