New picture gallery video

I have now created a picture gallery video of 38 pelargonium species varieties, available on the pelargonium species world website information-picture gallery- video page via this link  

IMG_20190427_170427 (1)

Pelargonium asperum

Pelargonium asperum has just started to flower for the first time, it has lovely pink flowers with reddish stamens and is just starting to open, the leaves have a strong perfumery scent.


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Pelargonium ionidiflorum

Pelargonium ionidiflorum is now flowering with its lovely magenta coloured flowers and bright green divided leaves which has a scent similar to celery and does well in hanging baskets. It is a low growing shrub native to the Eastern Cape, South Africa where it grows in rocky areas.

p. ionidiflorum 3 edited

Pelargonium wuppertalense

Pelargonium wuppertalense is a fairly new species that grows in the Cederberg mountains in the Western Cape among sandstone, it has creamy white flowers with reddish markings on the upper petals. The leaves can range from a basic leaf shape, divided into three parts, pinnatipartite or finely divided. This plant also has an underground tuber that is like a turnip in shape, I believe this plant is named after the small town Wuppertal in the Cederberg mountains and was possibly first discovered here.

pelargonium wuppertalense