P. radens x P. graveolens

This plant which germinated in the Autumn could possibly be a cross between Pelargonium radens and Pelargonium graveolens. The leaves are like that of P. graveolens  and the flowers look something between the two, light flowers like P. radens and the shape is similar to that of P. graveolens. They are pollinated by bees so occasionally something unusual comes up.

Pelargonium insularis

Pelargonium insularis is a critically endangered species, native to the Island of Samha of the Socotra Archelago, Yemen which lies between the larger Island Socotra & Somalia.

It is a new species which was found in 1999 on a limestone slope, only a single plant was discovered at the time after searching the area.

This plant has been gradually decreasing in recent years mainly because of the sheep and goats which by chance graze in that area.

P. insularis is similar to P. alchemilloides but the flowers are pink & not white, it also has a more woody growth and likes to grow in rocky places on cliff faces and mountainsides.

The image shows a basic example of P. insularis and may not be exact likeness.

p.insularis flower and leaf

New plants

We now have new plants of P. grandiflorum and P. papilionaceum among others, they are still quite small but should grow well throughout the year, These plants both have large beautiful flowers and foliage, P. papilionaceum has flowers that resembles a butterfly with larger upper petals and darker markings & P. grandiflorum also has fairly large flowers of white to pink with darker markings on the upper petals.

butterfly peli plantgrandiflorum plant