Pelargonium campestre

p. campestre small web

Pelargonium Campestre has lovely white flowers with faint lines on the upper petals. It is a small tuberous pelargonium which grows up to 10 cm in height, the name “Campestre” is derived from the Latin word meaning country/rural referring to the native habitat where this plant grows. This plant is native to South Africa in the South East where it grows in meadows, near rivers or by the coast and it prefers well drained soil conditions in part shade to full sun.

Pelargonium auritum

p. auritum sketch latest

Pelargonium auritum has striking dark purple flowers with black markings & a white base, the leaves are elliptic or narrow oval shaped although they can vary with each plant. It has a tuberous root and grows to about 10 cm (4 inches) & is native to South Africa in areas of the South Western cape.

There are two forms of this plant which can be identified by the colour of the flowers

  1. auritium var. auritum-purple/black flowers
  2. auritium var. carneum-white/cream/pink flowers

Erodium pelargoniflorum & Geranium maderense

The young plants of Erodium pelargoniflorum and Geranium maderense are growing well. They are of the geraniaceae family which includes pelargonium,

Erodium pelargoniflorum also known as herons bill and “sweet heart” has the foliage of an Erodium and the flowers more like a pelargonium, the petals are white with pink -purple blotches in the centre and prefers full sun to part shade in well drained soil. Geranium maderense¬† (cranesbill) is native to the Island of Madeira and attracts butterflies and other insects, also known as the giant herb Robert, it has dark green leaves and large purplish pink flowers that grows up to 150 cm (5 inches) in well drained chalky, clay, loam, sandy soil types.