Pelargonium Schizopetalium

peli schizopetalum old pic

This unusual & beautiful plant has deeply cut fringed flowers in red & yellow colours. The name “ Schizo” is connected to the word Schizophrenia (split personality), Schizo meaning split referring to the split fringed petals. It is a tuberous plant with scales and short stems, the leaves are oblong and feathery which is covered in short soft hairs, Pelargonium schizophrenia are native to areas of the Eastern Cape province, with some slightly different in appearance depending on the location.
This image is taken from an old antique book published before 1923, at

Pelargoniums in Art

Pelargoniums have gained popularity and fascination throughout Europe and beyond since the 1700s up to the present day, It has inspired many famous artists especially during the time of impressionists such as Van Gogh ( geranium in a flower pot), Renoir ( the geranium & cats 1881), Cezanne ( pots of geraniums 1885) and also Matisse ( still life with geraniums) among others.

There has also been a poem written about Geraniums by Richard Brinsley sheridam 1751-1815 an Irish writer, playwright and poet known for his works “ the rivals, the Duenna and a trip to Scarborough”,

The poem is called “ the geranium” part of the poem is as follows: “ Observe you sweet geranium flower, how straight upon its stalk it stands & tempts our violating hands, whilst the soft bud as yet unspread, hangs down its pale declining head.”

In recent times many artists and illustrators have created pelargoniums on stamps such as the colourful red pelargonium from Belgium and also posters, prints and textiles.

peli stamp